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12 Years Experience

In my experience, web development is about really taking the time to understand what the client wants. It begins by creating as much clarity and detail as possible until there is a enough certainty that everyone is on the same page. It is about opening a clear line of communication for project definition, and a robust working alliance that keeps the project in focus and on point. With such a complex array of interconnected elements and players, I believe that successful web development can only be achieved by working as part of a dedicated, collaborative, and effective team who are flexible, patient and determined to solve problems, no matter how long it takes.

Mirixa Corporation, Emeryville, CA, USA

Senior Software Engineer

Jul 2015 to current
At this pharmacy software company, I integrated new partner requirements into an existing framework, optimized sql scripts to decrease physical reads, wrote NUnit test cases, upgraded an existing MVC4 sponsor portal to utilize modern frontend technologies, & reviewed code changes of teammates to ensure consistency with internal standards.

Websites/Projects: MirixaPro; SponsorPortal

Technologies/Skills: ReSharper; MVC4; Razor; C#; .NET 4.5; JavaScript; jQuery; HTML; CSS; XML; JSON; Bootstrap; MS SQL Server; IIS; jQuery Datatables; Rally; SQL script optimization; Fiddler2; AJAX; Visual Studio; MS Office; Trillian; LINQ; NUnit; TypeMock; Mercurial; TortoiseHg; Root Cause Analysis; D3; C3

Wicked Fun, Emeryville, CA, USA

Server Engineer

Dec 2014 to Jun 2015
At this start up game company, I enjoyed the opportunity to work on Force of Elements using NodeJS. I implemented a purchasing server to integrate the Flash based game client with Authorize.NET, upgraded a Google sheet content exporter, wrote Linux shell scripts to automate DB archiving, provided CSS & jQuery lightboxes to the web developer, & worked on the highly scalable socket based servers projected to handle millions of requests worldwide.

Websites/Projects: Force of Elements, Wicked Fun

Technologies/Skills: JavaScript; NodeJS; jQuery; HTML; CSS; JSON; ActionScript; Flash Develop; Jenkins; MySQL; MySQL Workbench; Redis; jQuery Datatables; XML; Agile/SCRUM; Google “Office”; Skype; WebStorm 10; Subversion; Tortoise SVN; MX/TXT/PTR/SPF records; Authorize.NET integration; Upsite; SSL certificate generation; flowcharting; third party communications

American Academy of Ophthalmology, San Francisco, CA, USA

Programmer/Analyst 2

Jul 2013 to Dec 2014
Having returned to the US, I was employed by this medium-sized non-profit organization of eye doctors, where I helped establish the SCRUM methodology, utilize TFS for deployment, & switch to Bootstrap for responsive layouts. I was also responsible for implementing an event registration system for exhibitors at the annual convention, developing a content licensing system for members, & replacing the paper member applications with an XML drive, web based registration wizard.

Websites/Projects: American Academy of Ophthalmology, American Association of Certified Orthoptists, American Association of Ophthalmic Oncologists and Pathologists, American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus, American Glaucoma Society, The American Ophthalmological Society, American Society of Ophthalmic Registered Nurses, Association of Veterans Affairs Ophthalmologists, Association of University Professors of Ophthalmology, International Society for Eye ResearchThe Foundation of the American Academy of Ophthalmology

Technologies/Skills: ReSharper; .NET 4; JavaScript; jQuery; HTML; CSS; XML & XPath; jQueryUI; Bootstrap; AngularJS; MS SQL Server; Red Gate SQL Bundle 10; MySQL; Navicat MySQL; IIS; Entity Framework; Fiddler2; AJAX; Visual Basic.NET; Agile/SCRUM; Visual Studio; Personify 7.4; MS Office 365; Skype; Team Foundation Server (TFS); LINQ; VersionOne ultimate; HelpSTAR 2012; DotNetNuke 7.2; WebEx; GoToMeeting; use case analysis; flowcharting; functional brainstorming; third party communication

Geoff Howe Marketing Communications, Hampton, Middlesex, UK

Web Developer/ Senior Web Developer

Nov 2007 to Feb 2011/ Mar 2011 to Feb 2013
At this small print & online marketing agency, I plunged into management of a plethora of simultaneous ongoing projects, including communication with clients, gathering business requirements, writing technical specifications, & training new hires. Back to full stack .NET web development, I automated report generation, coded order fulfillment applications, & integrated existing systems with third parties & numerous APIs. Two projects I am most proud of are a web service based WinForms survey application, & a marketing campaign CMS that handled product roll outs, email blasts, & deal generation.

Websites/Projects: Hills Vet Shop, HQC Plus, Hills, Hills Knowledge Base, PMS integration, BT eCatalogue, BT Inspire, BT Agilemedia, BT IQ eValuator, PapaJohn’s, Papa’s Lounge, PapaJohn’s Russia, Airwave, Papa’s Kitchen, PapaJohn’s Facebook competitions, PapaJohn’s Pre-Launch Products, Papa Rewards, In Practice,

Infant and Toddler Forum, The Learning Curve, Little People’s Plates, NumicoIS, Feeding For Life Foundation,

Tetley, GHMC, GHMC Social, Win A Cow, AB Agri, Vivergo Feeds, Burgen Bread, Krisprolls, Urbanest, Urbanest intranet, Tresemme, Alberto Balsam Great Days Out, Menicon Solocare, Extracare, Go Native

Technologies/Skills: .NET 3.5; JavaScript; jQuery; PHP; HTML; CSS; XML & XPath; classic ASP; Axure; Visio; MS SQL Server; Red Gate SQL Bundle 10; MySQL; IIS; IISAdmin.Net 1.1; SQL script optimization; Wamp server; Apache; Fiddler; BadBoy; Visual Studio; Facebook API integration; dotEditor; CommunityServer 2007; Sitecore; WordPress; Umbraco; MS Office; Skype; Subversion; Tortoise SVN; FileZilla FTP Client; FTP Voyager; RoboFTP; ExpertPDF; VetEnvoy; DotNetNuke; Google Analytics; Mantis; Silverlight; Firewall rules; single sign on; EU cookie policy compliance; technical specification writing; use case analysis; prototyping; wireframing; process documentation; flowcharting; functional brainstorming; project timelining; team management, training, & mentoring; Third party communication

Cubik Media, San Francisco, CA, USA

Web Developer/Senior Web Developer

Mar 2005 to Feb 2007/Mar 2007 to Oct 2007
I got my start in programming at this small video-on-demand web company, transitioning from C/C++ to C#. Oddly, I had to learn the ASP.NET page life cycle in order to circumvent it, as only the programmers used Visual Studio to produce websites. Over time, I wrote a series of applications to automate a significant portion of the production process of converting DVD’s to multiple encrypted media formats, resulting in a 25% speed increase. Before moving on, I ended up helping manage 3 programmers.

Websites/Projects: Nakedsword (url available on request), The Sword (url available on request), Digital Rapids Stream batch encoder, Windows Media DRM batch packager, regex based Windows, Helix, & IIS log parser, RSS feed reader & writer, 13 language internationalization system, Flash banner join ad

Technologies/Skills: C#; .NET 2.0; MS SQL Server; IIS; Visual Studio; JavaScript; classic ASP; Digital Rapids Stream; Windows Media DRM; Windows, Helix, & IIS logs; RSS; HTML; XML; MS Office; process documentation; internationalization; team management, training, & mentoring